January 5, 2016 Laguna Blanca Lake

Hope Ranch has long been known for its many recreational facilities. As early as 1829, the lake was a fashionable spot for picnicking by the residents and guests of Santa Barbara. More than once, as an expression of the old Santa Barbara hospitality, Laguna Blanca lake in the 1860’s was re-christened by the Mayor in honor of a visiting dignitary. For example, it became “Lake Fenton” in honor of the visiting Governor of New York…..Of course, as soon as the dignitary was on the train for home, it reverted to it’s traditional name, Laguna Blanca Lake.

The Lake on January 5, 2016

The Lake on January 5, 2016


Rueben Fenton Governor of New York in the 1860’s

533347_10150726863499057_691909056_9266377_108631761_nSB15Old Postcard of Lake

7.2014 Laguna Blanca Lake

July 2014 Laguna Blanca becomes a dry lake bed due to the great Drought of the 2010’s

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