Hope Ranch Surf Club’s Hudson Ritchie


Also surfing for MSA, off-again-on-again South Bay resident, Mike Siordia, took on a heavy field in the 30-39 division. In the last year between launching his own surf label, the Bandits, Siordia has been clocking time at the point break perfecting his South Bay hotdogging steeze with his trademark hair flip. In the 14-19 division, Redondo Beach’s Hudson Ritchie held the title of ultimate South Bay surf gremlin under the flag of Hope Ranch Surf Club.

“Mike and Hudson both blew minds in the early rounds,” said Porfilio. “Hang fives to hang tens —  they were on fire.”

Siordia made it all the way to the semifinals. Ritchie placed fourth. El Segundo’s Jesse Hinkle’s beachside understated demeanor, much like his teammate Porfilio, works to his disadvantage in a contest scenario. His personality reflects in his surf style. Judges often overlook calm smooth style for flashy big maneuvers.

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