6. Hope Ranch Lincoln Beachy Flight

Hope Ranch was the site of Santa Barbara’s first air show, presented by daredevil Lincoln Beachley, in 1914. A crated biplane arrived by train and was assembled on the shores of Laguna Blanca. Beachley thrilled the crowd by making thirteen consecutive loop-the-loops to break the world record of nine. He lost control, falling in a spin and crashed into an old oak tree. Despite a few cuts and bruises, he was still able to attend the banquet given that evening in his honor at the Potter Hotel. More about the Grand Potter Hotel to come soon.

1.7.2016 Lincoln_Beachey_cph.3a49742

Lincold Beachy with Laguna Blanca Lake behind him.

1.6.2016 Lincoln Beachy Lincoln_Beachy

Lincoln Beachy


The Potter Hotel

1.7.2016 Lincoln_Beachey_in_his_plane Potter potter_hotel1